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Meeting Notes

Minutes of the Northern Twi-League Winter Meeting


                        December 15, 2018


Call to Order: Bill Woodard of Concord called the meeting to order at 9:30am on Dec. 15, 2018 at the Concord Country Club. The agenda had been distributed earlier by email and additional copies were distributed at the meeting. It was confirmed that captains from all 18 clubs in the Northern Twi-League were in attendance.


Agenda Item #1: Old Business / 2018 Financial Statement

Nick Bollas provided the 2018 financials statement below:



$250 – Beginning balance from Brae Burn

$7200 – Dues received



$813.20 -  Winter meeting breakfast

$250 – Website upgrades

$1500 – Golf pro prizes for field day

$3900 – Captains's gifts

$200 – Howard Leeder Gift

$200 – Plaque money to Oakley

$586.80 – Final balance to Concord


The 2018 financials were approved by the assembled captians.


Nick then recapped the significant decisions from 2018.


  • Expanding the playoffs to 8 teams
  • Change in charging for carts
  • Website update
  • Grievance committee name change to the League Management Committee.


Agenda Item #2: Playoff site for the finals:


Dave Sunderland led the discussion. The main issue/question was to clarify the question of whether or not the final should automatically be played at the host club for the field day when the host club was playing in the finals. This had happened previously in the past and the host club had not won the match. There was discussion about the host club theoretically having an advantage. There was discussion about whether it had been intended that the finals should be played at a neutral site. Issues were also discussed about the logistical problems with scheduling the championship match to another neutral club. The discussion consensus was generally positive about having the championship match at the host club. 

The vote was called for and unanimously approved to continue to have the finals played at the host club for the September Field day even if the host club is playing in the finals. It was noted that no By-Law change is needed


Agenda Item #3: Appoint a Northern Twi-League secretary with the responsibility for keeping and archiving the minutes of the league meetings. Term suggested 3-5 years. Host club documents meeting minutes and sends to secretary for keeping. Alternate would be for host club to document / get minutes approved and post on the Northern Twi-League web site.


Jim Preston and Bill Woodard led the discussion. It was noted that with respect to the business meeting components of Captains meetings, the duties of the host club include: preparing a meeting agenda, taking and publishing minutes of meetings, holding votes on minutes approval, arranging for By-Law change preparation if needed, and holding votes on By-Law changes. It was observed that current and prior minutes could be kept in a separate section of the website.


After general discussion the sense of the participants was that appointing a secretary for a period of time was probably not necessary. Two motions were then raised:


#1) Create an on-line archive file for the minutes. The Host club has the responsibility for preparing a document of approved minutes appropriate for filing on the website and for submitting the document to the party who is responsible for updating the website.


This motion was unanimously approved.


#2) Appoint someone to be the League Secretary to ensure the minutes are vetted and put on the website.


This motion was discussed at some length. The consensus was that this was not necessary at this time. This motion was not passed.


All Captains were encouraged to go through their records to find copies of prior minutes, to elicit prior Captains of their Club to do the same, and to have the head Captain submit same to Howard Leeder.


Agenda Item 4: Set dates for the Captain's Meetings at Salem and Tedesco and the Captains Field Day at Concord.


Salem outing – June 4that 1:00               John Depamphilis


Tedesco outing – August 14that 1:00        Paul Danehy


Concord field day – Sept. 27that 1:00        Bill Woodard


Agenda Item 5: Request from Charter Oak (Jon Small) to join the northern Twi-League.

Bill Woodard presented the request. The consensus of the clubs was that we were comfortable with the 18 teams and adding more clubs was not appropriate for the foreseeable future. It was suggested that we keep a waiting list.

There was a unanimous vote to turn down the motion to add another club. Bill was instructed to communicate this decision to Charter Oak. (Jon Small)


Agenda Item 6: Mix club captains at one outing.(Salem or Tedesco)

Brian Osganian led the discussion. It was noted that the current policy is for the field day club to set the format for play and that we had drifted away from mixing captains as we had done at some times in the past. It was generally agreed that going back to mixing captains from different clubs would foster good fellowship and was worth trying.


A motion was then presented asking if the captains would be in favor of mixing captains at the two Captains Days this year.


The vote was unanimously approved.


Salem and Tedesco were to implement as best they can based on attendance at the field day events.


Agend Item 7:Handling rain delays and play stoppage.

Nick Bollas led this discussion. The discussion centered around procedures for players leaving a match during or after a rain delay (prior to a match being completed) and how to handle the match points for any remaining holes to be played.

After much discussion, it was generally agreed that the general rules of golf should apply and that communication and agreement between the two club captains at the match should determine resolution of these situational events.  

It was determined that no new decisions needed to be taken.

The captains also strongly agreed that play must be stopped after alarms are sounded!





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