The Northern Twi League

Rotation List of Host & Annual Meeting Locations

Year League Head 1st Meeting 2nd Meeting
Host Host
2017 Brae Burn Wellesley Oakley
2018 Criver Winchester Salem
2019 Concord Woodland Tedesco
2020 Kernwood Bear Hill Vesper
2021 Mbrook Bellevue Walpole
2022 Nashawtuc Belmont Wellesley
2023 Oakley Brae Burn Weston
2024 Salem Criver Winchester
2025 Tedesco Concord  Woodland
2026 Vesper Kernwood Bear Hill
2027 Walpole Mbrook Bellevue
2028 Wellelsey Nashawtuc Belmont
2029 Weston Oakley Brae Burn
2030 Winchester Salem Criver
2031 Woodland Tedecso Concord
2032 Bear hill  Vesper  Kernwood
2033 Bellevue Walpole Mbrook
2034 Belmont  Wellesley Nashawtuc
2035 Brae Burn Weston Oakley


 Local Time: 10/22/2021 8:43 pm E.S.T.  
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